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PhenoVista Biosciences : Complex Cell Models, Quantitative Imaging and a Collaborative Approach

James G. Evans, CEO, PhenoVista Biosciences, PhenoVista BiosciencesJames G. Evans, CEO, PhenoVista Biosciences
While the pace of advancement in the drug discovery field shows no sign of slowing, it is sometimes disheartening for us to accept that we know far less about the biology of disease than we need to. Cell biology forms a foundation on which genetic and physiological understanding may be built. Since its incorporation in 2014, Phenovista Biosciences has had the sole purpose of improving its client’s knowledge base by providing them with unique glimpses into biology.

Over the last decade or so, fluorescence microscopy has ascended from a publication afterthought to a cornerstone of quantitative biology. Automation and advancements in image analysis have combined to bring high content screening from the bastions of large pharmaceutical companies into academic core facilities and venture-backed biotechs. But, problems remain.

High content, as it is often referred to, generates a multitude of numerical data describing a plethora of traits for each cell within a population in each well. This creates a complex large data problem that historically was at odds with the “fail fast fail early” approach in pre-clinical research. More recently, within the ever-competitive drug discovery community, companies have sought to create a better understanding of mechanisms of action underlying rare diseases or result from novel cell-based therapies. The bespoke service provided by Phenovista enables these companies to gain the upper hand when trying to understand how their therapeutic candidates might be reversing the effects of the disease.

What separates Phenovista is our ability to combine the most physiologically-relevant cell models with cutting edge imaging and analysis,” says James G. Evans, CEO, and co-founder of Phenovista.

We provide a peerless combination of imaging expertise, assay development, and data analysis in a bespoke manner, regardless of the complexity or format of cell culture required

“ “And while combining those two very difficult disciplines is what sets us apart in terms of technology, our scientists’ focus on getting the best possible data for our clients sets us apart in terms of customer experience.” Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches is now so commonplace among service providers that Evans feels it is no longer a differentiator. Instead, for Phenovista, AI and ML are just another set of tools they use every day.

The availability of disease models has exploded over the last decade, and driving this has been the revolution in iPS technology. Evans elaborates, “we partner with the best technology platform providers whether it be imaging, cells or reagents – this allows us to find the most effective combination to answer the client’s needs.” This somewhat agnostic approach is another differentiator setting Phenovista apart from CRO’s that are built on providing data from only 3D or microfluidic sources. While Evans confesses that he and his colleagues love the ‘cool factor’ associated with 3D and microfluidics, sometimes the most elucidative data comes from more traditional 2D approaches, though as Evans concedes, these may be next generation as they involve three-way combinations of human iPS-derived neurons, astrocytes, and microglia!

Ultimately, it seems that, above all, what Phenovista offers its clients is its unique expertise. Since clients typically approach PhenoVista during the discovery phase, they often need help building in vitro models to refine their understanding of the molecule. “There is an exchange of ideas, study designs, and objectives. Even after the study is complete, we follow up with them to resolve any difficulties that arise during the development process,” explains Evans. PhenoVista has a passionate, skilled, and experienced team of professionals who specialize in creative problem-solving and deliver high-quality results at every stage of the assay services. “Every day is a different challenge and it can definitely be exhausting but when a client is literally jumping up and down with glee based on the data we just provided, it is well worth the effort!”.
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PhenoVista Biosciences

San Diego, CA

James G. Evans, CEO, PhenoVista Biosciences

PhenoVista Biosciences is a service provider of high-content, imaging-based, phenotypic assay development and screening services. It is a flexible and collaborative research partner that offers various engagement structures, assay types, and applications. PhenoVista is a one hundred percent service-based business that works with biopharma clients of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to established global entities. It provides assay development services that encompass various cell types and models, both 2D and 3D, human iPSC-derived neuronal health, mitochondrial structure and function, and many more

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